I'm deeply grateful for all my wonderful and generous clients that show me how much they appreciate me & my hard work by giving me little gifts. As a giver myself, it feels a bit strange to be on the receiving end but I am learning to love it.. (tee hee)  For those of you who don't know me well enough yet,  I made a little list of things to consider when searching for that perfect gift for me. Again, THANK you SO VERY much in advance


** I love gift cards.  Some of my favorite stores are Macys, Nordstroms, Sephora, Barnes and Noble,  Marshalls, Ulta, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Staples, Target, Victorias Secret, Express, Jo-ann Fabrics, Michaels, even the dollar store.. lol

** I do not drink alcohol but I do like Jamba Juice and Coffee Bean.

** My favorite flowers are Stargazers. I really love all flowers and herbs. wink wink..

** Although I am Vegetarian, I occasionally eat fish and I often dine with my girlfriends that do eat meat. Gift cards to restaurants that serve fish are always welcome

** I love scarves, hats, slippers, sunglasses, gloves, flip flops, ect.

** My favorite perfume is Burberry classic. I am willing to try something different. What is your fave?

** Day spas are and massage gift certificates are a very MUCH appreciated gift.

** My Birthstone is Garnet but Diamonds are a girls best friend.

** I love stirling silver, white gold and Platinum, but my favorite is semi-prescious stones like jade or turquoise, anything unique. (I'm not a Tiffanys girl)

**  I love to cook, so any kitchen gadget, cookbook are somethings I will cherish.

** I love books.

** My favorite hand bags are made by Big Buddah (found at macys) 

** I occasionally go to the Movies. Specifically at Cinnopolis.  

** And of course flowers are my very favorite...

Feel free to use the Amazon button below to purchase anything you wish. Thank you in advance... Hugs Kimber...xoxoxo



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